Making Your Career through Publishing Original Papers

Followup after Submission

E-mail Communications with Editorial Offices

Almost all communications with journals are electronic. When you send an e-mail, although it is instantaneous, it is permanent. One month, 1 year, 10 years, 30 years from now people will be able to access your e-mails, so be sure to be polite and considerate.

It is ESSENTIAL that you permanently keep records of all correspondence with all journals about all your publications. I know of more than one prominent investigator whose publications and their history required accounting for 10-20 years after their publication.

Avoid social media abbreviations (e.g. b4 meaning before, u meaning you, etc.)

A common question is "I submitted a paper 6 weeks ago and have not heard from the journal - what should I do? I don't want to be pushy, but…"

1. First of all you should immediately receive a response from the journal. If you do not receive a notification please write:


I submitted our manuscript, entitled (title) on (date), but have received no notification concerning its status. We would appreciate if you could inform us concerning its present status and approximately when we may expect an initial decision.

2. If your paper has been received but you hear nothing for 6 weeks,


On (date) you kindly notified us that you had received our manuscript (journal registration number, title). Since 6 weeks have elapsed, we were wondering if it might be possible for you to let us know the present status of the manuscript and when we may expect a decision to be made.

3. If 3 months pass and you have not received a decision.


We have been waiting for notification from you as to a final decision on our manuscript (journal registration number, title). If you cannot let us know the outcome within the next month we shall be forced to consider withdrawing our submission. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

4. If there is still no response


Because of the lack of response from your journal we are very reluctantly forced to withdraw our manuscript (journal registration number, title) from consideration for publication in your journal.