Making Your Career through Publishing Original Papers

Title Page

First of all, a title is extremely important as it usually is the first thing that the editors or reviewers see. It is therefore critical that the title be very brief, condensed, and to the point, giving a clear description of the contents of the paper. It is important not to use any abbreviations in the main title, although it is allowed to use abbreviations in the running title. You will never see abbreviations, such as CT for computer tomography, BP for blood pressure, in main titles in the New England Journal of Medicine. The title page should include the authors’ names, including any middle names, highest academic degrees, and institutional affiliations.

Furthermore, the present affiliation of the authors is not enough if the author has changed institutions since submission of the document. It is therefore important to explain where the study was performed as well as the present location of the authors. You may wish to also include disclaimers such as not to taking responsibility for the functionality of a new type of equipment. It is particularly important to include all personal contact information including name, mailing address, telephone (land and mobile numbers) and fax numbers as well as any or all email addresses which the corresponding author regularly accesses.

Although it is becoming less common due to electronic publishing, if you are planning to produce reprints for distribution on demand, you should give the name and address of the author to contact for requests for reprints or make a statement that the reprints are available. Financial affairs and financial influence or financial contributions are gaining increasing attention. Therefore any sources of support or any relationships which might constitute a conflict of interest must also be given in detail. If you have any questions concerning whether you constitute a conflict of interest for this particular publication, you should consult with the Editor-in-Chief in the cover letter.

A running head is usually required, and often they are limited to within 40 characters, counting spaces as one character each. Therefore “40 characters” would be counted as 13 characters. Next, the title page should also have the word count for the text only, and if possible, the word count for the abstract, giving the number of figures and tables included with the submission. This will help minimize the possibility of any loss of artwork. Finally, please pay especially careful attention to the Instructions to Authors of your target journal.

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