Making Your Career through Publishing Original Papers


As most Instructions to Authors will inform you, the results are best placed in logical sequence in text, tables and figures. However, in the submission process, usually the text is submitted separately from the tables and figures. Some journals request you to indicate where the tables and figures would be best situated. Should they make that request, please do so, but if not, please do not go to the trouble of indicating the precise location of the tables and figures. The function of tables and figures is to enable the reader to rapidly understand your data and to save both space and reading time. Therefore please do not repeat the data in the tables and figures in detail in the text. However, in the text you should mention the most important points in the figures and tables, and you should note the important findings in the lead or topic sentence of the paragraph. With electronic publications, it is now possible to publish vast amount of electronic data in appendices, so if you feel that your paper will be enhanced by such data, or that the information would be particularly useful to the readers, you can place them in the appendices. However please remember that such data, if published even in an appendix, cannot be used in subsequent publications, as it would probably be considered as duplicate publication.

In order for the reader to gain perspective on your results, please give your results not only as percentages, but also as absolute numbers. Specify the statistical methods used, and you should never duplicate data in graphs and tables. You should also avoid using non-technical usages of words that have a specific statistical meaning such as “significant” and “random” etc.

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