Making Your Career through Publishing Original Papers


The New England Journal of Medicine style is an excellent one for learning how to write Introductions. We recommend that you carefully master how the New England Journal structures its introductions, the first paragraph usually being the background to the study, the second being the specific purpose or hypothesis tested in the study and including what is known and what is needed to be known, in other words, establishing the gap of unknown information. You can conclude by defining what methods you will use specifically to reach the goal of your study. Throughout the introduction, it is good to remember that you should use only the most important references, and you should never include data or conclusions from the study you are reporting. In closing, we would urge you to remember the origin of the term introduction, which is “intro”, inside and “duct”, to lead, so the introduction should be at most 1-1.5 pages long serving to lead the reader into the main part of your paper.

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