Making Your Career through Publishing Original Papers


Acknowledgments are primarily intended to give credit to those who have contributed to the work, but do not fulfill the conditions necessary for full authorship. Please see the section on Authorship in the Recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). It can include colleagues, lab technicians, typists or secretaries, and it should also contain a statement of credit to the person who did the language editing if you relied on such person for final editing of the paper. By the same token, please never change the wording of a text after a professional editor has gone through it because what you may see as a minor, grammatical or stylistic change may cause great embarrassment to the professional editor whose name is listed in the Acknowledgment as having edited the paper.

In addition, you should thank all sources of funding, and any supply of materials, or other equipment. If it is a randomized clinical trial, you must make it clear exactly that you had access to all data of the study and that it was not influenced by the manufacturer in any way. An example of such a statement is “one author AAA, who is independent of the commercial funder, had full access to all the data and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and analysis”. By the same token, it should be remembered that all authors, according to the latest version of the Recommendations, are responsible for all data contained in the paper.

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